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Essay on Panda | Writing an Essay on Panda - An Animal of China
"Essay on Panda" - A ten-line essay on Panda is a good topic for students studying English as it is simple and easy to remember. The level of writing is moderate, so it can be written by any student. A Panda's ancestors were carnivores, so they used to eat rabbits and fish. A Panda has four legs, thick hair covering most of its body, and its fur acts as a sheet to keep it warm.

Giant pandas :

Known as the panda bear, the giant panda is endemic to China. It is distinguished from other bear species by its bold black-and-white coat and massive body. Sometimes, the giant panda is used to distinguish from its neighboring mustelid relative, the red panda. This is because red pandas are smaller, but both are very cute and equally charming. Here are a few fun facts about the panda:

Their habitat :

The habitat of a giant panda is the bamboo forests of central China. This species is 80% of China's wild population. Its main habitat is the Wangling National Nature Reserve in Minyan and the Capo Nature Reserve in Wenchuan County. These areas are protected areas for giant pandas and are part of the Dujiangyan Scenic Area. Pandas inhabit these forests for the sake of their genetic diversity.

Their diet :

Giant pandas, also known as pandas, are endemic to China. They are most easily recognized by their striking black-and-white coats and large, rounded bodies. Sometimes, they are referred to as "giant pandas" to distinguish them from the red panda, a mustelid neighboring in range. The name "panda" is derived from Chinese and Japanese, respectively.

Their social life :

The social life of pandas can be described as unique. Pandas have few visible cues that make them identifiable as social beings. Their ears, tails, and facial expressions do not change, but most panda communication is done through scent. They use scent to establish territories and avoid conflict with other pandas. They spread their scent by rubbing against vertical surfaces or by squatting. The results are impressive, and they can help us understand how pandas communicate with one another.

Their communication :

Giant pandas are highly intelligent creatures. They are born blind, white-haired, and completely dependent on their mothers. After birth, they start sucking on their mother's milk fourteen times a day for about half an hour each time. Mothers must feed their cubs frequently because the bamboo grows slowly and does not produce much milk. In order to keep a steady supply of milk, pandas must seek out bamboo in different regions.

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