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Essay on My Village | Write a Paragraph on 'My Village'
"Essay on My Village" - A village is a place in which the people live without the basic amenities of the city. In a village, the culture of the Indian people is preserved. The people in the villages live in peace and serenity, thereby providing spiritual weather. You can find all these qualities and more in the village. Let us find out the top benefits of village life. This article will discuss some of them. You will find an essay on my village below.

Lack of Basic Amenities :

The development of basic amenities is an important aspect of socio-economic progress in rural India. The lack of these amenities largely affects the poor and marginalized section of society. Dedicated schemes and budget allocations are insufficient to provide basic services. Rural villages are therefore left without electricity, clean drinking water, sanitation, schools, playgrounds, and recreational facilities. In many cases, these people have to depend on the public space to meet their basic needs.

Indian Culture is Preserved in The Villages :

As the population of India continues to increase, it is important to look at ways in which the country's ancient culture is being preserved in its villages. While the culture and traditions of the villages have long been a part of Indian society, the process of westernization has also affected the cultural landscape. New institutions and modern values have infused Indian society. As a result, many Indian villages are no longer able to practice their ancient traditions.

Peace in Village Life :

SquareOne Villages has begun a new project called Peace in Village in Eugene, Oregon. The organization purchased 3.6 acres of land and 9,000 square feet of existing buildings from the Peace Presbyterian Church and plans to build 70 permanently affordable housing units for low-income families. The project will include programs to teach children about non-violence, environmental awareness, and healthy living. It is ecumenical in nature and will be staffed by teachers from different faith traditions.

Serenity in Village :

The nonprofit organization Serenity Village of Barry County provides an alternative home-like setting for terminally ill patients. Guests are surrounded by loved ones and encouraged to continue their care. Dedicated staff members are available to provide personalized care, encourage caregivers, and offer support and encouragement. The organization relies on private donations, corporate sponsorships, foundations, and grants to provide hospice services to those in need. Its mission is to make the last days of a person's life as comfortable and as peaceful as possible.

Cleanliness in Villages :

As per the Prime Minister's goal to make India a clean country by 2019, sanitation in villages is a top priority. This goal is made possible by providing toilets, clean drinking water, and solid waste disposal systems to the people of rural India. The cleanliness drive will resolve 90% of the issues in villages and make them eligible for the ODF+ tag. The objective is to promote the overall well-being of rural residents, thereby benefiting the nation as a whole.

Ignorance at Villages :

In Erased from Space and Consciousness, Noga Kadman describes the process of depopulation of Palestinian villages by Israeli militias. She argues that the process of erasure has a purpose, in that it enables governments to deny responsibility for the villages in question while keeping the refugee problem off the political agenda. In this sense, Kadman's book is an important contribution to the debate on collective amnesia.

Isolation From City Life :

The effect of geographic isolation on health has been documented at different scales: local, regional and global. For example, a population isolated from the rest of the world by high altitude may be more susceptible to certain types of diseases than those living in a more populous area. Water resources are scarce in these regions and may contain specific parasites that contribute to the increase in disease burden. As a result, the population density in these villages is low and the environment is less polluted.

Food Habits in Villages :

Compared to the city dwellers, people in the village eat healthier food and rely on fresh produce and homemade recipes to prepare their meals. These individuals also tend to eat fewer snacks and soft drinks than city dwellers. This in turn leaves them prone to a variety of diseases. Here are some interesting insights into food habits in villages. Let's find out what they eat every day! Listed below are some examples of food choices made by villager families.

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