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Essay on Global Warming

"An Essay on Global Warming" - In an essay on global warming, you will analyze the causes of global warming and the solution to combat this problem. You will discuss how humans are responsible for global warming and how it has affected our society. You will also explain why we must be aware of this problem and the possible solutions. This essay will be a useful resource for students and professionals who want to learn about the topic. If you are interested in global warming, read on! The following essay examples are sure to spark your interest and creativity.

Environmental impact of global warming :

The escalating temperature of the planet is causing increasingly severe weather events worldwide. Because the oceans absorb most of the extra heat from the atmosphere, the seas have been warming and becoming acidic. Warming waters are bleaching coral reefs and causing stronger storms. Rising ocean acidity is also threatening the livelihood of shellfish and tiny crustaceans, which are essential in marine food chains. The poorest countries are disproportionately affected by the impacts of global warming. Many of these countries are located in the Pacific and Southeast Asia, where the sea level is expected to rise between 20 and 40 inches by 2100.

In the United States, the second-warmest year ever recorded was 2016 - and the same is expected in the state of Alaska. In both states, the annual average surface temperature exceeded the 122-year average for the time period since record-keeping began. These heat records are increasingly becoming the norm. According to the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEEI), increased temperatures are increasing the frequency and severity of extreme weather events. And while climate change may be a natural phenomenon, human activity is also contributing to global warming.

Human actions that lead to global warming :

The Industrial Revolution is credited for triggering global warming. This period was dominated by the United States and Europe, but other world economies are now starting to develop and contribute to pollution and industrialization. Every year, millions of acres of forest are cleared for agriculture, lumber, paper, and other uses. At the same time, many communities are converting their forests into residential or industrial areas. Global warming is becoming an existential threat to humankind.

The vast majority of vehicles run on fossil fuels and release harmful emissions into the atmosphere. This process produces methane, a thirty-times more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Nitrous oxide is also a greenhouse gas that has a long atmospheric lifetime. Other non-greenhouse gas pollutants include soot and aerosols. These pollutants contribute to poor air quality. Natural causes of global warming account for less than 0.1degC of warming.

Natural causes of global warming :

There are many possible natural causes of global warming. Changes in solar activity, volcanic eruptions, and human activities are just a few. However, 97% of scientists agree that human activity is responsible for accelerating the process of global warming. Because of greenhouse gas emissions, human activity is responsible for capturing more sunlight than ever and trapping heat in Earth's atmosphere. The major greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide.

Changing climate conditions will alter the way ecosystems operate. Plants that thrive in a warm climate will replace those that do not tolerate droughts and heat. The melting of glaciers contributes to sea-level rise. Animals such as polar bears will find it harder to hunt because the ice melts. Food could become more expensive as a result. As temperatures continue to rise, many species of plants will become endangered, such as the polar bears.

Human response to global warming :

The 2013 Australia heat wave was the first to be linked to global warming. A decade later, the same warming process made the 2017 Lucifer heat wave 10 times more likely. In fact, both the 2018 and 2019 extreme heat events would not have occurred without the warming. In the 2010s, scientists noticed a link between heat waves and droughts. Long spells of temperature above average sucked the moisture out of plants and soils. The result is massive evaporation of moisture.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned over 30 years ago that humans were altering Earth's climate at a rate unprecedented in history. Failure to mitigate global warming would have dire consequences for humans and nature. The report called on countries to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions. The report also warned that if the global average temperature is not reduced, the effects would be irreversible. Infrastructure and low-lying coastal settlements are particularly at risk.

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